Non-elite Naruto Fans

Non-Elite Naruto Fans.
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Hello. Welcome to the community for any Naruto fans. Here, we don't care how much you know about Naruto. We don't care if you just started watching, and know next to nothing. We love you anyway. So join, have fun, be a fangirl/boy.

We don't have many rules, so it shouldn't be hard to follow them. ^_^
1. Try and stay on topic. This is a Naruto community, so keep posts related to Naruto.
2. Post whatever you want that's Naruto-related. Fanart, fanfiction, ramblings about Naruto dreams, even one sentance posts saying how much you'd like to molest *insert character here.*
3. Keep anything that might be a major spoiler under a cut. This goes for large images too. Use your own judgement with this. If you make a mistake, just edit the post. We won't ban you unless you make a habit of rule-breaking.
4. Keep swearing to a minimum please. If you feel the need to express yourself with strong words, just cut it and put a little warning. :D
5. Keep the chatspeak and bad spelling as little as possible. It gets annoying reading posts that consist of "omg i tink saske is da kewlest wut abut u??!?!?!" We all make typos, so don't think you need to be a perfect speller to join. As long as you're coherent, no one will mind I'm sure.
6. Most of all, have fun. ^_^ This place isn't meant to be serious, so don't worry if you just want to post a Naruto doodle. You won't be flamed. Heck, even Mary Sues will be welcome. ^_^

Note: Although part of the community name is in "1337" that doesn't mean you can post things completely in 1337-speak. A few words now and then are fine, just don't make entire posts/comments in it. :D