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Non-elite Naruto Fans [entries|friends|calendar]
Non-Elite Naruto Fans.

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naruto's fierce ladies comment ficathon [13 Feb 2011|07:51pm]



what is it? a comment ficathon about all the women in the naruto fandom because these ladies need more love. click on the picture for more details. 

open for everyone.
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YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED [01 Dec 2010|04:45pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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[24 Oct 2010|06:12pm]

Hello everyone!

I'm hosting an Anime Opening and Ending vote off! I'd love to get a diverse set of anime fandoms involved. Take a look, nominate something, and participate!

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[06 Oct 2010|03:08am]

Mod, please remove if not allowed. I checked the rules but sometimes go ADHD and miss things. ._.;

I'm selling a bunch of Naruto stuff on my sales comm! Mainly Pre-Shippuden. From keychains to plush to a really rare tshirt! And as always, all prices are negotiable. Take a look if you're interested! ^^
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Naruto Background Contest! [19 Sep 2010|07:57pm]

Hi Everyone!

We are looking for ways to boost are small Naruto sub-forum on our site www.devanghaven.com.

We are holding a Naruto Background Contest. If you are interested in joining take a look here: http://devanghaven.com/showthread.php/1240-Background-Graphic-Contest!

The winner will get one of our logo T-shirts and their background will become our new forum skin!
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NEW COM LOOKING FOR MEMBERS! [09 Sep 2010|04:36pm]


Welcome to WreckLess;
Greetings and welcome to the hottest new club in the city, possibly the world! WreckLess is every man and woman’s dream, from the quiet type who prefers the comfort of the rose garden, to the dancing queen who only wants to feel the beat rush through their blood!

Yes, there’s something for everyone here.

Upon producing your photo I.D, you will be led into WreckLess’s lobby, where you will be directed to either Party Central - WreckLess’s twelve hour nightclub - Easy Listening - where live bands from all walks of life perform regularly from 5pm to 1am with an all night bar and basic menu - Rose Affair - a beautiful outdoor paradise with flowers from all over the world, including a beautiful rose garden centerpiece and a yew maze - or, if you dare, Wreck.

Wreck is the heart of WreckLess; a place for those with darkness in their hearts to kick back, relax and be themselves. With exotic dancers - both male and female - and private rooms should the need take you, Wreck is the perfect spot for Dominants and Submissives to find a partner for the night. Or, who knows?, maybe for life!

So please, step inside. Our staff are friendly and happy to help in any way they can. Just remember to follow the rules, and everyone can have a good time.

Go on...

Be a little WreckLess.


Rules and FAQ » WreckLess Mod » WreckLess » WreckLess OOC » Sections of WreckLess and Jobs » Taken Characters and Reservations

© profile layout
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Introduction of Free Language exchange web service. (made in Japan) [30 Jun 2010|03:23pm]

 Hi threre,
Let me introduce a great website for learining language.


Lang-8 is a social networking site -- with a twist. Unlike Facebook or
MySpace, the purpose of Lang-8 is learning a second language (or
third, or fourth, ....) while making international friends.

Lang-8 basically works on the principle of "scratch my back and I'll
scratch yours."

The easy 1, 2, 3 method:

1) Make an entry
First, you write something in the language you are studying. Native
speakers then read your post and correct all of the mistakes with
Lang-8's intuitive, easy-to-use langauge correction tools.

2) Native speakers make corrections for you
Natives read your entries because it is quick and easy in their native
langauge and fix any errors you make using Lang-8's intuitive,
easy-to-use language correction tools.

3) Make corrections to other users' posts in your own language
Finally, you read and correct your friends' and other users' posts
that are written in your native language. There are no absolute
requirements to "give back" to the community, but everyone does.

In addition to language posts, Lang-8 has many other cool language
learning features:
- Groups
- Skype sharing options for conversation practice
- A virtual language notebook to "clip and save" things you learn and
share with others
- Tools to add voice recordings to your entries using Snapvine
- Many more on the way

Sharpen your language skills while making friends and exchanging
culture at Lang-8.com!

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Question [14 Mar 2010|11:59am]

Hello everyone. I have a question for you all.

I'm working in this huge Naruto Shippuuden Fanmix,including a Naruto, a Sasuke, a Sakura and a Team 7 part. The Naruto part is almost done, I only need to find the lyrics of the songs, because I love when fst-makers include them, but it's very rare.
What I want to know is if you are willing to download a fanmix with around 25 songs, each part. I'd post a link to download it all, and then 3 more links with the part divided (in 3 of course).
If not, then what is the limit of number of songs?

Thank you
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Custom Naruto Google Theme [15 Aug 2006|07:59pm]


Click Me!

You can customize all the links and make it your homepage. If you get lost (or just don't get it) there's also an FAQ.
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You're all Slacking! [04 Jan 2006|06:18am]

But then again, so am I.
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Boy or Girl [04 Mar 2005|04:39am]

I love Naruto, but someone, please, reassure me I'm not the only one with serious gender confusion issues about characters.

Mild Spoilers regarding the AnimeCollapse )

So not 1337. Check out my text and blinky-free icon.
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[02 Mar 2005|10:23am]

worth a try and its almost to 10,000

Naruto petition


and if you want to email the people at Cartoon Network to get it on Adult Swim

((Crossposted ><))
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[09 Jan 2005|07:34pm]

I've been watching Naruto for a while now but this is my first time posting.. I got hooked on it through some friends and we watched naruto in 10 episode binges. I found this community while I was looking for Naruto icons. I decided that Chouji wasn't given enough spotlight, especially when he (minor spolier) kicked so much butt in episode 114.

So I made an icon of him and decided I would share it with y'all. Hopefully I'll be making some more in the near future. Enjoy, and feel free to use it!

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Eep! [20 Dec 2004|12:03pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Surely sanoken and I weren't the only ones who saw the similarities:

Orochimaru, mannequin?Collapse )

Coincidence?! I THINK NOT!

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[09 Dec 2004|04:23pm]

I am teh new. I am teh yaoi fangirl. I love teh SasuNaru loving. <3

Uhm, yea. I'm a crazy fangirl, who has decided that she is absolutly tired of posting only sensible, normal Naruto stuffs. <333

Teh crappy art. <3Collapse )
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It's been proven: Sasuke is stupid! :D You know you wanna read! [20 Nov 2004|02:37pm]

[ mood | giggly as hell! ]

schizohybrid and I are watching Naruto ep 35 now. And we have come to the conclusion that Sasuke really is stupid. Or blind. Or possibly both.

Evidence by screenshots. You know you wanna see!Collapse )

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Something amusing. [28 Oct 2004|02:07am]

This is taken from damnninjamux, which is a text based roleplaying game on telnet. We're a little insane over there and these are some of the fun quotes we felt might entertain Naruto fans.

The Stupid Hour: DNM Style.

*neenja vanish*
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Hyuuga Hinata fanart! [27 Sep 2004|09:00am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Click for larger image

Hyuuga Hinata from Naruto in a kimono.

At Damn Ninja MUX, a Naruto MU* RP I'm on, we're having an event next weekend: The Fall Festival. So just wanted to draw Hinata in a kimono. In this RP everybody is 2 years older, so here's Hinata 14, almost 15 years old. I thought she turned out cute, and she looks so good in blue...

Done in Painter 8 and Photoshop 7.0
Art © Mette Krangnes 2004
Hinata © Masashi Kishimoto
Pic is HERE on Deviantart.

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Eep..I am soo bad.. [25 Sep 2004|10:42am]
[ mood | sick ]

Community Pimpin! Woo!

This is a neat little Naruto Rating community. ^_^ That's all I am gonna say...

Also posted in narutofans

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Chibi Team 8! [17 Sep 2004|10:42pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Click for larger image

Team 8 is awesome. Mostly because I'm such a huge fan of Hinata and Kiba, but Shino is awesome too. I wanted to draw these three as chibis.
Aburame Shino, Inuzuka Kiba and his dog Akamaru, and Hyuuga Hinata.
I'm such in a Naruto mood nowadays. damnninjamux is eating my brain!

Done in Painter 8
Art © Mette Krangnes 2004
Characters © Masashi Kishimoto
Pic is HERE on Deviantart.

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