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It's been proven: Sasuke is stupid! :D You know you wanna read!

schizohybrid and I are watching Naruto ep 35 now. And we have come to the conclusion that Sasuke really is stupid. Or blind. Or possibly both.

Yes, that's nice. You should make sure your teammates have water... but...

... did Orochimaru hit his head? Some oh-my-eyes-are-so-powerful-sharingan you got there, buddy.

Trine and I thought we were going to die. ♥ Thanks for the laugh.

PS: Yes, we love making fun of anime characters, especially when they're this stupid. Mwuahaha.
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Some oh-my-eyes-are-so-powerful-sharingan you got there, buddy.

That is freakin' beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen this episode, but any proof of Sasuke being an idiot is fine by me! >D
Ahahaha, I want to watch that episode now. O_O

I hope I'm not the only one who forgot about this com... @_@;;;
(You're not!)
I don't like Sasuke too much either at times, but perhaps he went further off on purpose, either because he wanted to get away from them, or because he's hiding something from them. Maybe he really DIDN'T need to get water. Lol.
Sasuke is teh stoopid.
I... never noticed that before. XD LMAO.
OMG. xD Normally, I am all about teh Sasuke!love, but c'mon people-- that boy is NOT the genius he's all cracked up to be. He needs to be hit over the head. Multiple times. Preferably by Naruto. Then molested. <3 Please ignore my fangirl-ness.

LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I noticed that too!! ^_^ But I threw it off as his excuse to go masturbate. Boys will be boys.
LOL I think I seen this on someones gaia sig once ^^ i wonder if thart was u ^^
My friend and I, yeah. Just look at the date for this post.
^^;; sorry i don't nottice things i wanted to say something tho if thaz ok?