M. C. Miller (mcmiller) wrote in non_1337_naruto,
M. C. Miller

Boy or Girl

I love Naruto, but someone, please, reassure me I'm not the only one with serious gender confusion issues about characters.

Okay, the first and most obvious - Haku. I simply refused to believe that the pink clad flower picking young "lady" was male. When informed that young men are often voiced by female voice actors, I was still skeptical. I mean, Bart Simpson is voice acted by a woman - but is anyone confused about his gender? I didn't think so.

Second - I didn't even know I was confused, or was I... Gaara's father sent an assassin to kill him. That assassin was his mother's sibling.

Was it his aunt or his uncle? Because I swear I thought that his aunt, his mother's sister, was his caretaker. And yet I've been called "a total crackhead" for thinking that.

So not 1337. Check out my text and blinky-free icon.
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